Drown the Earth

by Pains

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released December 2, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Galvez at Good Fortune Audio - Rockford, IL



all rights reserved


Pains Rockford, Illinois

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Track Name: Man of Misery
Burn. Burn.
Douse yourself and burn
Bleed. Bleed.
You will never learn
You stare from your grave begging to be saved
but the dirt in your lungs remains
Cut off the head of the snake
you are nothing but a mistake
Death implores that you cut the cord, you fuck
Cut the cord
You are nothing but a mistake
a man of misery
You spineless disease
coursing through every vein
No release
Better get the gauze, you'll fucking need it
Fill the open wound with salt
douse yourself and burn
Track Name: Good Riddance
Beaten, bloody - born in agony
Built to suffer - torn by another
Feast on flesh you shed
Failure just like the rest
Fuck them all, have no remorse
Fuck them all, die to yourself
you sit and decay, just wasting away
contemptible filth, a foe you can't kill
You build then you break, you'll forever ache
this senseless abuse when you know the truth
Drag the knife, laceration
among the skin, feed indignation
Face the facts you won't possess
Fuck them all, die to yourself
Drag the knife - cut my face
Lash of the mouth, spitting in your face
Lash of the mouth, a fucking disgrace
Fuck them all, have no remorse
Fuck them all, die to yourself
Spitting, spitting in your face
I spit in your face
Drag the knife, laceration
among the skin, feed indignation
Face the facts you won't possess
Fuck them all, die to yourself
Cut my face
Track Name: Biblical Violence
Drown in poison you freely consume
Feed your defection as you swallow the filth you spew
Run from yourself, I watch you cut your ties
Gnaw at your flesh, you sleep in disguise
Grip your nails into skin, take what you need
Live your life on your knees, follow the lead
Now plunge the knife into the back
Stepping on necks with the boot you lick
You've stepped on necks for the last fucking time
You expose the snake youve always been
Traitor, bastard, living in altered skin
Run from yourself, cut your ties, pay the price
kneel forever, I will not sympathize
As you're chained to a leash for the rest of your life
Track Name: The Mouth
drain the old blood
live a life
filled with pain
praise the new skin
live your life
Give yourself to pain
you fell short
no one will help you
it's time to fail
I am tortured by the very thought of your existence
Give yourself to pain
Track Name: Bite the Spine
When you're trapped in fear
you must bite your way out
Pound the bone into dust
Crack your skull, bleed to death
Bite the spine, bite the spine
Held down for too long to breathe,
Beg for death as they scream;
"You can't live a long life on a short leash"
Rotting to the bone
Break your legs, make you walk home
Stoned to death
Fucked by the flame
Burned at the stake
Fucked by the flame
You can't escape this life anyway
Stoned to death
Bury the rest
You can't expect life anyway
Held down and pissed on
Break free, fuck off
Chew the fingers off the hand that bleeds
When you're trapped in fear bite your way out
Bite your way out
Bite the spine
Bite the spine again